Exam #2 Questions

Here are 57 questions from which the 50 questions on Exam #2 will be taken. All the answers should be available from the study guides posted in the Research Skills Unit category on this site; if you don’t find those resources helpful, do some searching on the web, and when you find a helpful site, post it to the course’s Diigo group.

What is a library catalog?
What is a call number?
What is MARC?
What does MARC stand for?
What is a proxy server?
What is a primary source?
What is a secondary source?
Give an example of a primary source.
Give an example of a secondary source.
When would you want to use primary sources instead of secondary sources for your research?
What is an e-journal?
What is a pre-print?
What is peer review?
Why is it important to know if a journal is peer-reviewed?
What are the two widely used book classification systems?
What is ILL?
What does the acronym ILL stand for?
Name two of the Five Pillars of Wikipedia.
Describe how you would correct an error on Wikipedia.
What is metadata?
What is bibliographic metadata?
What is crowdsourcing?
What is a codex?
What is WorldCat?
Who is one of the founders of Wikipedia?
What is a wiki?
What is an ISBN?
What is a plug-in?
Name a search engine that isn’t Google.
What is an algorithm?
What does it mean to “crawl” or “spider” the web?
What is MediaWiki?
What is Wikimedia?
What is an ISBN?
What is OCR?
What does the acronym OCR stand for?
What is a codex?
What is DRM?
What does the acronym DRM stand for?
Give an example of an ebook file extension.
What is HathiTrust.org?
What is Google Books?
What is Duck Duck Go?
What is Google Scholar?
What is Project Gutenberg?
How many books (that is, unique editions) have ever been published, roughly?
What symbol do you use to indicate “NOT” in a Google search?
What is Wolfram Alpha?
What is Zotero used for?
What is a periodical?
What is Google News?
What is Google Images?
What is ProQuest Historical Newspapers?
What is the ProQuest Research Library?
What is Academic Search complete?
What is JSTOR?
What is America: History and Life?