Final Project

Final Project (digital history project, Creation and Communication) – 30% of course grade

The final project is to create and publish to our course website a multimedia blog post that tells the story of a particular aspect of Internet history through the lens of a particular little-known person whose contribution to a particular technology, technology feature, or website is important for understanding a particular ethical, legal, or social issue. The blog post must contain at least 1000 words of original writing (or audio narration from a script), and the post must include at least two original multimedia items in at least two of the following six types: a timeline, a map, a chart or graph, a word cloud, an audio recording, or a video recording multimedia items (which need not be original) in at least two of the following seven types: an image, a timeline, a map, a chart or graph, a word cloud, an audio recording, or a video recording. The post must also link all its sources to their origins, and must also link to a Zotero collection in our group bibliography at Above all, the post must be interesting and scholarly. The final project is due at 1pm on Monday, December 16.

Further Notes

  • You will post your final project as a blog post at You should have received an email with a username and password that will allow you to log in. If you did not get the email, click the “Lost your password?” link at
  • Note that I have changed the requirement that your final project blog post contain original multimedia. Do be sure, however, to link to the source where you found any multimedia items, and be sure to include them in your Zotero bibliography in the folder with your last name on it in our group bibliography.

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