Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Sample periodical citation:

Bush, V. (1945). As We May Think. Atlantic Monthly, 176. Retrieved from


Periodical – a publication that is released part by part, issue by issue, on a scheduled basis (daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly) rather than all at once like a book. Newspapers, magazines, and journals are all periodicals.

Issue – One full part of a periodical; a single instance of that periodical, such as the July 1945 issue of Atlantic Monthly magazine.

Volume – A collection of issues. Before the digital age, periodicals were bound into volumes for easier storage and reference. Volumes usually have numbers: in the example above, the article “As We May Think” was collected into Volume 176 of Atlantic Monthly.

Edition – A version; something that is mostly the same, with a small set of significant differences. Many newspapers release different editions in different countries, for instance. The term “edition” is also important in books.


Google News – allows you to search across many, many newspapers worldwide. Best for very recent news. Also allows you to create a personalized news page and to look at non-U.S. editions of newspapers.

Google News Archive Search – Allows you to search a limited number of newspapers easily; best for content after 2005, but does contain some earlier items.

Proquest Historical Newspapers – Go to and scroll down to find this database; it will let you search several old newspapers.

Academic Search Complete (by EBSCOHost) – Available from the list of databases beginning with ‘A’ on GMU’s library website. A general-purpose database that is the best first stop for looking for old magazine and newspaper articles as well as some of the bigger scholarly journals.

See also the databases listed under the subject “News” on GMU’s library website.