Course Schedule

Unit 1 — Core Concepts of Information Technology

MON 26-Aug    Introduction and diagnostic survey

WED 28-Aug    Computer Basics, Files and File Management, and Keyboard Shortcuts

WED 4-Sep    The Underpinnings of the Internet and the Web, HTML, and CSS

MON 9-Sep    Data, databases, and content management systems

WED 11-Sep    EXAM 1

Unit 2 — Research Skills in the Digital Age

MON 16-Sep    Zotero

WED 18-Sep    Google

MON 23-Sep    Wikipedia

WED 25-Sep    Books

MON 30-Sep    Magazine and Newspaper Articles

WED 2-Oct    Scholarly Journals and Databases

MON 7-Oct    Archives / prep for Exam 2

WED 9-Oct    Preparing for research – Presentation and Final Project

WED 16-Oct    EXAM 2

Unit 3 — Social Issues and Information Technology

MON 21-Oct    Presentation training

WED 23-Oct    Presentation training
Amanda French on Chris Messina and Authority

Direct link to presentation schedule

Unit 3 — Creating and Communicating with Technology

WED 27-Nov    NO CLASS

MON 2-Dec    Working session on Final Project

WED 4-Dec    Working session on Final Project, course wrap-up and evaluations


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